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Welcome to, your trusted language partner for all your German-Spanish and Spanish-German translation needs. With offices in Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom, we offer high-quality translation services for individuals and businesses alike.


Certified German to Spanish Translations

At, we provide certified German to Spanish translations for a wide range of documents, including legal, medical, technical, academic, financial, and business documents. Our team of professional translators includes German native translators who are experts in translating your documents accurately and efficiently.

We translate a variety of documents, including safety data sheets, technical specifications, user manuals, instruction booklets, tourist brochures, and any other type of document you may need translated from German to Spanish.

If you need official translations for legal purposes, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, driver's licenses, passports, adoption papers, divorce decrees, academic degrees, medical records, court orders, notarial deeds, police clearance certificates, naturalization papers, and other legal documents, our sworn translators in Spain can provide you with high-quality translations that meet all the legal requirements.


Spanish to German Written Translation Services

If you need professional translations for various purposes, such as technical manuals, medical reports, financial statements, marketing materials, employment contracts, scientific articles, immigration papers, insurance policies, product specifications, patents, and other documents, our team of expert translators can provide you with accurate and reliable translations between German and Spanish languages.


ISO 17100 Certified Translation Company specialized in German Translations

As an ISO 17100 certified translation company, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality German translation services. Our team of professional translators includes experts in various fields, and we work with translators native from the country where the translation will be used, ensuring that our translations are culturally appropriate and accurate.

If you need a translation into Austrian German, Swiss German, or any other regional variation of the German language, we will make sure your documents are translated by a native translator who understands the specific nuances of the language.

In addition to our German-Spanish and Spanish-German translation services, we also offer English-German and German-English translation services, as well as translation services for other languages, including: