Legal Translations into Spanish and English

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When it comes to legal translations, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. A single mistranslation or misinterpretation can have serious legal consequences. That's why you need a professional translation service that specializes in legal translations into Spanish and English. At our translation company, we have a team of experienced translators who are experts in legal terminology and have a deep understanding of the legal systems of both countries.


English to Spanish Legal Translations

Do you need a legal document translated from English to Spanish? Our team of native Spanish-speaking translators can handle any legal document, from contracts and agreements to court documents and patent applications. We understand the importance of accuracy in legal translations, which is why we only use translators who are experts in the legal field and have a thorough understanding of the nuances of legal terminology in both languages.

Some examples of legal documents that we can translate from English to Spanish include:


Spanish to English Legal Translations

If you need a legal document translated from Spanish to English, our team of native English-speaking translators is here to help. Our translators have extensive experience in the legal field and are familiar with the legal terminology and systems of both Spain and the United States. We also work with native translations in most Spanish and English speaking countries specialized in legal disciplines.

We can translate a wide range of legal documents from Spanish to English, including:

No matter what type of legal document you need translated, we have the expertise and experience to ensure accurate and reliable translations.


ISO 17100 Certified Legal Translations

At our translation company, we are proud to be ISO 17100 certified for legal translations. This international standard sets rigorous requirements for translation service providers and ensures that our translations meet the highest quality standards.

ISO 17100 certification requires that a translation service provider has:

By choosing an ISO 17100 certified legal translation service like ours, you can be confident that your legal documents are in good hands. Our team of translators follows strict quality control procedures to ensure accuracy and precision in every translation project.

Don't take chances with your legal translations. Choose a professional translation service that specializes in Spanish to English and English to Spanish legal translations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help with your legal translation needs.